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A Network to Get Work

We are a Network that helps you GET WORK! We are not an association or network that just talks about business - we are a network that talks about GETTING BUSINESS! Think of the Mr Window® National Network as an extension of your local business. Other large management & maintenance companies are already getting or taking your work away and you have no way to compete with them. Well now you have a way! Join a National Network that pursues large regional & national contracts on your behalf at NO COST TO YOU! Join as an Affiliate for FREE! If we get you work then become one of our Partners. By becoming one of our Partners you would receive the first rights of refusal on all work in your service area(s).

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Three Key Network Elements:

1. National Accounts Program: Mr Window® National Network provides multiple services on a nationwide scale with a high level of reliability at efficient cost points – often the best price among national vendors. The time has finally come for Local Service Providers to receive National Power! The Mr Window® National Network is the future on how local businesses can compete regionally, nationally & globally.bug1

2. Servicer Provider Network: Mr Window® National Network developed and maintains a nation-wide (all states, all communities) supply of service providers in multiple property maintenance functions. Our typical service provider profile includes: an established owner/operator or corporation, who has many years of experience and/or is a certified industry professional with a high commitment to quality, reliability and exceptional responsiveness towards delivering great customer service.

3. Purchase Power Program: Mr Window® National Network has aggregated its supply chain purchases for equipment, fuel, chemicals, and professional services. This "combined" buying power has enabled us to create preferred buying programs linked to national vendors like J Racenstein, etc. Through these programs, Mr Window® Partners will enjoy significant cost savings!

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