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Your Window of Opportunity

Your Dream
Your Lifestyle
Your Family
Your Opportunity

What is your Dream? What type of lifestyle do YOU want for you and your family? Who is giving you an opportunity to succeed?

Your Dream

Let's be honest, it probably hasn't been anyone's life long dream to own a window cleaning company. Honestly it wasn't the founder of Mr Window's dream either. He dreamed of one day being an actor. However, along the way he found that window cleaning was an excellent way to create the lifestyle that he wanted. Think about it, what other business allows you to work in an office & outdoors, allows you to work in pants or shorts and allows you to work when you want to work. Mr Window's founder says that, "My dreams of becoming an actor may have failed but my role in acting like a 'window cleaner' has been a huge success!"

Your Lifestyle

graphicWhether you are looking for financial security, the ability to spend more time with your family, or just some extra time to pursue your hobbies. Mr Window can help you realize the lifestyle you desire.

Your Family

There is nothing more important than family. That's how we feel about you when you join the Mr Window team. At Mr Window we have one goal in mind, to help you start & grow your business. There is nothing more important to us than to see you succeed. When you succeed your family wins!

Your Opportunity

The next time you drive around, look at all the windows around you. From retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, schools, houses, shopping centers and many more windows! Businesses and homes all have one thing in common - their windows Get Dirty! Not only do they need to be cleaned today, but again next week, next month and next year. Don't wait and miss Your Window of Opportunity to buy your territory today & start making money tomorrow!

Why Buy A Franchise

Why not just start your own window cleaning business instead of buying a franchise?

The truth is ANYONE can start their own window cleaning business and it's really easy to learn how to clean windows. But, the REAL truth is not everyone knows how to run & operate a SUCCESSFUL business. Buying a franchise is like joining a team where you follow a PROVEN business model and receive support to ensure your success as a business owner.

The choice is REAL SIMPLE - Do It All On Your Own or Join A Winning TEAM! If you want to be a One-Man-Show and learn how to do EVERYTHING on your own then you don't need us. We teach people how to build a BIG Business not just how to clean windows!

For the past decade our flagship operation has been hugely successful. Everyone has windows. But not everyone has the time to clean them! This is a GREAT business opportunity for you. Our industry is serviced primarily by small owner/operators. Window Cleaning is a very fragmented industry in need of a national brand. We are that brand! We are an industry leader in commercial & residential window cleaning. The Sky's The Limit with a Mr Window® Cleaning Franchise. Join our team as we set out to become "America's Window Cleaner." We train the trainer so you can develop and grow your teams to provide services for storefronts to residential homes to commercial high rise buildings.

New Franchise Concept

graphicMr Window® is the only high rise window cleaning franchise available and there is a huge growth potential in this market with large buildings going up everywhere! These Glass Monsters have so much more glass than homes or storefronts. That means larger projects & larger profits for you! Our unique business opportunity capitalizes on an under-served niche market. With either our Pro Package (low-rise) or our Executive Package (high-rise) the repeat customers and recurring schedules are endless because the windows you cleaned last month will be dirty again next month!

Mr Window® is the only company in our industry that provides its Franchise Partners with communications, administrative and marketing support. Mr Window® has adopted advanced technology including sophisticated communication systems and web based operational & administrative systems which allows us to provide franchisees with highly professional administrative support from remote locations. This new franchise concept of centralization is innovative and frees the franchisee from time-consuming, non-productive office tasks, so franchisee’s can devote maximum time to activities that generate revenues and ensure a high quality of service in order to grow the Mr Window® Brand.

To learn about our unique franchise opportunity and find out what it takes to become a Mr Window® Franchise Partner, please fill out the Request Info form and we will contact you, or simply call us at 1-877-Mr Window® (1-877-679-4636).

Enjoy These Benefits & Many More.......

Franchisee Benefits:
- Training and ongoing field & management support from Mr Window®...simply a priceless benefit!
- Territory selection assistance based on demographics data compiled to ensure your growth
- Highest quality equipment - tried, tested & truly the best. You don't waste time & money like we did!
- Proven proprietary soaps & cleaners that produce professional results every time
- Use of Mr Window® trademark, logo and sourcing of printed materials
- Comprehensive equipment packages to bundle purchases and reduce your costs
- Complete Operations Manuals
graphic- Marketing assistance through regional & national contracts
- Purchase Power Programs
- Recurring Revenue Stream
- Planned Growth Strategies
- Low Start-Up Costs
- High Profit Margins
- Growing Demand
- Low Rise to High Rise

- Daytime Hours
- Efficient routing & scheduling system
- Casual Corporate Wear
- Flexible Schedules

- High Technology & Mobile Systems

Franchisee Qualifications:
- Understanding & agreement with Mr Window® Systems and high standards of excellence
- Desire & ability to participate & conform with all of our operating systems
- An enthusiastic & entrepreneurial spirit
- Willingness to devote full-time efforts to this business
- Working knowledge of accounting & financial reports
- Strong communication & organizational skills
- Management experience
- Marketing or Sales experience
- Self Motivation (aka...A GO GETTER!)

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