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We are often asked by our clients about the cleaning products we use, the equipment we use or about our shirts and hats. We've created this page for you to request these products and/or purchase these items online.

Mr Window® Wear & Apparel:


Mr Window® Gear & Equipment:


Mr Window® Cleaning Products:

Since all of our cleaning products are proprietary products we do not sell them in stores or through distributors. Simply use the request form below to place your order.

  • Mr Window® Soap
  • Mr Awning Cleaner
  • Mr Awning Wax

Mr Window® Quick Clean Kit:

  • Streak Free Squeegee
  • Mr Window Washer
  • Streak Free Glass Towels
  • Big Blue Bucket
  • FREE Bottle of Mr Window® Soap
  • FREE DVD on How to Clean Your Windows Like A PRO!

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Mr Window Soap
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Or contact us by Phone at: 1-877-Mr Window (1-877-679-4636)

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