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This is the BEST VALUE by far!.......Pick ANY 3 Services and get the 4th Service FREE!

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Blind Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

House Wash

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Chandelier Cleaning

Hard Water Stain Removals

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Four Season Service

This is a HUGE customer favorite by far! Our customers love the convenience of this program not to mention having crystal clear windows ALL YEAR LONG without ever having to think about it again! This truly is the answer and best fit for busy professionals who love crystal clear windows and who have no intention on hassling with cleaning their windows or being involved with the details. We show up like your pool guy or landscaper does....... We Clean - We Go. You Come Home - You Enjoy The Views! The quarterly outside price averaged out monthly is usually less than pest, lawn or pool service prices - it's a Great Deal! And you'll have beautiful crystal clear windows year round. Why not try it for a year? We're confident you'll be glad you did!

How Four Season Service Works:

  • Only a one year commitment
  • Deep Cleaning on First Service
  • First Service includes windows inside & outside, plus your screens & tracks are cleaned too!
  • Second Service is outside only
  • Third Service is outside only
  • Fourth Service is outside only and it's FREE!.......when you either Pre-pay or leave a Credit Card on file for the year
  • You NEVER have to be home for outside only services
  • Invoice left at the time of service - simply pay us online through our customer portal when you get home
  • Online Customer Portal let's you see upcoming appointments so you know when we are coming
  • Add notes to upcoming appointments about pets in your backyard, where we can find the key to the side gate, new flowers you planted that we need to be careful with or any other important info & our Blue Crews will follow your instructions to the tee!
  • Deep Discounts on other services we provide
  • FREE membership to our e-Newsletter "The View" where you will find cleaning tips, coupons & other special offers!
  • Inside access services can be scheduled with any of your spring, summer, fall or winter services - just let us know!

Call Today to setup Four Season Service for your home!

CALL NOW 1-877-MRWINDOW or 1-877-679-4636



Quality Guaranteed - Or its Free!

Mr Window® delivers quality window cleaning services to consumers and we guarantee it. You don't pay until we have completed the job to your satisfaction. If we can't make you happy, you don't pay!

*This guarantee is for window cleaning services only. Dissatisfied customers must allow us the opportunity to fix any window cleaning issues while we are still at their property or to return with another Blue Crew member or Franchise Owner to resolve any issues. If after both attempts we still fail to satisfy the customer then the customer shall not be obligated to pay us for the window cleaning services. This guarantee does not cover damages or any other claims that would otherwise be taken care of by our insurance carriers. In the event that any minor damages should occur customer would be allowed to deduct such minor damages from any amounts owed to us. For larger damages customer would need to pay for the services provided and file a claim through our insurance provider. We would assist you through the claims process from beginning to end to ensure you were taken care of. Our goal is to build long-term and loyal relationships with our satisfied and/or dissatisfied customers. We understand that you can't always make everyone happy but at Mr Window® we will certainly always try to make everyone happy!
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